NFT Art Helmet #01
by Jean Boghossian

Offer to yourself and/or invest in one of the 5 original and exclusive artistic helmets designed by Jean Boghossian.
Certified and authenticated by their original item N° 1/30 (physical+360°/3D + NFT).
Or collect the digital twin helmets limited series of 29 authenticated by their NFT certificate.

ASK THE QUOTATION FOR THE ORIGINAL  Buy the 3D/360° NFT Digital Collectible Twins chose Polygon for the mining of these NFTs because "Polygon has recently achieved carbon neutral status and has committed to becoming carbon negative by the end of 2022," meaning that all NFTs will be fully carbon neutral."   Polygon aims to offer end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030, when Bentley plans to offer only electric cars, so it was important for all stakeholders of this DAO Project that their first step into the Web3 space (thanks to was taken "in a sustainable way."