Why don’t you join our exclusive community, combining ART & SPORT, in the real and virtual world, for the profit of worthy causes?

How can I be part of our community?
You just have to collect original and/or collectible artworks, created exclusively by Jean Boghossian or to buy a VIP PASS 24H Spa Francorchamps

When buying a VIP PASS
24H SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS on Saturday 30th of July 2022

  • €595 excl. VAT / person  (exclusively for 24-hour of SPA)
  • €795 excl. VAT / 2 persons  (exclusively for 24-hour of SPA)

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 When buying artworks for €7,500 incl. VAT,
you will automatically receive

  • a VIP PASS (2 persons) to attend the international racing events worth €1,500 
  • a VIP access to attend the ART CAR by Jean Boghossian events

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The Bentley Continental GT3 by Jean Boghossian EXPERIENCE during the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps on Saturday 30th of July :

  • Private car park 
  • Shuttle VIP
  • Personalized welcome with open bar and view over the pits, the Chicane and the corner of Blanchimont. 
  • Exclusive access to the phygital collection Art Cars by Jean Boghossian 
  • Lunch & Dinner 
  • Access to the paddock and the box of the Bentley Team 
  • Exclusive moments with the pilots 
  • Visit of the Bentley box during a pit stop

The Pass VIP allows you to experience an insider GT atmosphere during one full day.

From the car park, you will be taken by a Shuttle VIP to a magnificent space where highest-quality food service and exceptional hospitality are put at your disposal.
As a VIP guest, you will have access all day long to the VIP space where you will discover or see again the unique collection of physical and digital artworks ArtCars by Jean Boghossian and the second Art Car Bentley Continental by Jean Boghossian.
You will experience the atmosphere of the biggest world GT challenge and access to the paddock and the box of the Bentley stable as well as meeting with the Bentley team of pilots - Nigel Bailly, Stéphane Léméret et Matthieu de Robbiano. Finally, you will attend the special moments during the pit stops when pilots change and refueling occurs. 

 Take part in a high-end sports experience for a cause and make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. By purchasing your VIP Pass, you also contribute to supporting the non-for-profit organisation YourGT, which promotes the integration of people with disabilities through sport and offers them the opportunity to practice a sports activity in rehabilitation centres.On Saturday 30th of July, you will not only enjoy a truly unique experience, but you will also offer the same opportunity to with disabilities, who will have the chance to attend the 24 Hours of Spa. 


Collect original and/or collectible artworks

It's Fast & Serious and on top of that Easy!  You just have to collect original and/or collectible artworks, created exclusively by Jean Boghossian for this project, such as:

  • a series of paintings
  • an ART CAR Bentley Continental GT3,
  • Bentley Continental GT3 hood
  • 5 helmets, 1 hood, race suits
  • a limited edition of derivative ART+3 (Physical+Augmented+NFT)
    They are all dated, signed, numbered and authenticated by a physical and a digital NFT ART certificate, which will guarantee your ownership and the value of the artworks.
  • an unlimited series of affordable reproduction

By investing at least € 7,500 to create your own collection “ART CAR by JEAN BOGHOSSIAN”, you will be part of the " VIP CLUB" and enjoy exclusive experiences such as:

VIP access and meeting with the drivers in the paddock during the 3 races:

  • 24h Spa-Francorchamps (July 30th)
  • Hockenheim (September 2-3)
  • Barcelona (early October)

VIP access to the ART CAR by Jean Boghossian events:

  • June 19-26 – Hotel Amigo for the BRAFA
  • End of August - Summer Party at the Foundation Empain
  • October - Zoute Grand Prix Week 2022
  • October - Gala Evening and auction, closing the 2022 season

Last but not least, by becoming a member of the club, you also contribute to a good cause
and make a difference for people with a disability for whom sport can be a lifesaver. chose Polygon for the mining of these NFTs because "Polygon has recently achieved carbon neutral status and has committed to becoming carbon negative by the end of 2022," meaning that all NFTs will be fully carbon neutral." Polygon aims to offer end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030, when Bentley plans to offer only electric cars, so it was important for all stakeholders of this DAO Project that their first step into the Web3 space (thanks to was taken "in a sustainable way."