ART CAR by Jean Boghossian and Bentley Brussels

Today, we find ourselves in the middle of the Digital Revolution, where parts of humanity are looking at digitalizing some areas of our lives in an alternative universe lying parallel to our physical universe, otherwise known as the metaverse.

Here we are presenting a disruptive concept going against this digitalization of the world.

Various stakeholders with a shared passion for the arts and sports have come together to achieve a world-first : brings objects from the digital world into the physical world by bringing together :

  1. a world renowned artist - Jean Boghossian,
  2. a luxury car brand - Bentley Brussels,
  3. a good cause ASCTR and YourGT
  4. a team of three exceptional motor racing drivers made of :
    Stéphane Lémeret, Matthieu de Rabiano, Nigel Bailly,
  5. an innovative META Agency digital 3.0 -,


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